Medieval Indian History Gk Questions: In this post I have provided Medieval Indian History Objective Questions Competitive Examinations. You can easily get highest possible marks with the help of Medieval Indian  History MCQs  for UPSC, SSC and State Civil Service  Examinations. This post of Medieval History GK Questions for Competitive Exams is very important also related to General Knowledge Questions and Answers for all Indian competitive examinations.

Most Important Medieval History General knowledge questions and answers are given here for competitive exams

1. Which one of the following is not correctly matched?

A. Qutbuddin: Adhai din ka Jhompra

B. Iltutmish :Qutab Minar

C. Alauddin :Hauz-i-Khas

D. Firuz Tughlaq : Tughlaqabad

Answer: D

2. What is the correct chronological sequence of the following rulers?

1. Muizuddin Bahram Shah

2. Iitutmish

3. Raziya

4. Rukhnuddin Firuz

Select the correct answer using the codes which are given below:

A. 1,2,3,4

B. 2,4 3, 1

C. 3,2, 4, 1

D. 4,3, 1, 2

Answer: B

3. Which among the following was the most appropriate cause for the failure of Raziya?

A. Her sex

B. Her intention to be the ruler not only in name but also in fact

C. Her unpopularity with the people of Delhi

D. Her incompetence

Answer: B

4. What is meant by "The Forty"?

(a) The cream of Afghan nobles

(b) The pick of the intellectuals among the Khaljis

(c) The select body of the Turkish aristocracy

(d) The Ulema or the Muslim divines

Answer: C

5. What was the most important cause of the invasion of Mahmud of Ghazni?

(a) To destroy idolatry

(b) To gain possession of the wealth of India

(c) To spread Islam into India

(d) To establish a Muslim State in India

Answer: B

6. Which is the correct chronological sequence of the following Sayyid rulers of Delhi?

1. Muhammad Shah

2. Alauddin Alam Shah

3. Mubarak Shah

4. Khizr Khan

Select the correct answer using the codes given below:

A. 1,2,3,4

B. 4,3, 1,2

C. 4, 1, 2, 3

D. 4, 2, 3, 1

Answer: B

7. Who is the author of "Shah nama"?

A. Utbi

B. Firdausi

C. Hasan Nizami

D. AI-Beruni

Answer: B

8. Which one of the following statements is not correct?

(a) Krishnadeva Raya wrote Amuktamalyada.

(b) He was the founder of the Tuluva dynasty.

(c) His court was adorned by the Ashtadiggajas.

(d) He maintained friendly relations with the Portuguese.

Answer: B

9. What was the unique system developed by the Mughals?

(a) Centralised autocracy

(b) Ryotwari settlement

(c) Mansabdari system

(d) Local responsibilities for crime detection

Answer: C

10. From where the Mansabdari system was borrowed?

A. Afghanistan

B. Turkey

C. Mongolia

D. Persia

Answer: C

11. Ghazni was a small principality in

A. Mongolia

B. Turkey

C. Persia

D. Afghanistan

Answer: D

12. Who was the author of Kitab-ul-Hind?

A. Abu Said

B. Abul Fazl

C. Firdausi

D. AI-Beruni

Answer: D

13. Who is known as the "slave of a slave"?

A. Muhammad bin Oasim

B. Mahmud of Ghazni

C. Ilitutmish

D. Outbuddin Aibak

Answer: C

14. Who was the first Sultan of Delhi to issue regular currency and to declare Delhi as the capital of his empire?

A. Balban

B. Aram Shah

C. Nasiruddin Mahmud

D. IIitutmish

Answer: D

15. Who among the following came to India at the instance of Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni?

A. AI-Masudi

B. AI-Beruni

C. Sulaiman

D. Abdul Haq

Answer: B

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