Medieval history MCQ for WBCS prelim: MCQ on medieval Indian history for wbcs plays important role to make highest score in the wbcs preliminary exam, ssc cgl, upsc, and others state civil service exams. Medieval history Gk questions with answer will help the students to know more knowledge on history and also help to cracked any competitive exams and  medieval history quiz competitions. I have also provided Ancient History MCQ for WBCS, UPSC, SSC exams.

Here I have given most important medieval Indian history Gk questions and answers that may be asked in the up coming competitive exams like UPSC, WBCS, SSC CGL exams.

1. Who established Chishti order in India?

A. Baba Farid

B. Nizamuddin Aulia

C. Al biruni

D. Moinuddin Chishti

Answer: D

2. Who built the famous Charminar of Hyderabad?

A. Krishndev Rai

B. Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah

C. Nadir Shah

D. Aurangzeb

Answer: B

3. Who was famously known as the Tuti-e-Hindustan?

A. Utbi

B. Nakhshabi

C. Amir Khusarau

D. TAnsweren

Answer: C

4. Name of the Bengali writer who was deliberated with the title of Gunraj Khan in the Sultanate time frame? 

A. Maladhar Basu

B. Rahim

C. Chaitanya

D. Jaydeva

Answer: A

5. During the rule of which Pallava ruler Ratha sanctuaries at Mahabalipuram were assembled?A. Narasimhavarman I

B. Adivarman

C. Nadivarman

D. None of the above

Answer: A

6. The seven pagodas of Mahabalipuram are an observer to the workmanship belittled by the? 

A. Chola

B. Pallavas

C. Pandyas

D. Kaktiya

Answer: B

Most Important Gk questions on Medieval History of India

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7. Which Tamil artist composed Ramayana in Tamil language?

A. Kamban

B. Kapilar

C. Pulamaipithan

D. Perumal Rasu

Answer: A

8. Brihadeeshwara Temple which was worked by Raja Chola I is committed to?

A. Vishnu

B. Shiva

C. Brahma

D. None of the above

Answer: B

9. Which noted scholar wrote Vikramankadevacharita?

A. Kalhan

B. Bilhana

C. Kalidas

D. Jaydeva

Answer: B

10. Which of the following saint wrote Sri-Bhasya?

A. Ramanuja

B. Vallabh

C. Tukaram

D. Eknath

Answer: A

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