Top 100 GK Questions and Answers for SSC Exams:  Top 100 GK Questions and Answers for SSC Exams that consists of multiple choice questions on Indian History, Indian Geography, World History, Economics, General Science, Sports, Cultural, Discovery etc. Top 100 GK Questions and Answers for SSC Exams that s strengthen the General knowledge of the students in fast evolving nature of Competitive Examinations and help to get optimum score in Gk/ General awareness Section.
Download Top 100 GK Questions and Answers for SSC Exams
Top 100 GK Questions and Answers for SSC Exams

General Knowledge plays important role while preparation of any competitive examinations like UPSC, Rail, State Services, SSC and the banking (IBPS & SBI) and helps the students to cracked any quiz competition. Good practice of GK/ General Awareness must be improved your speed, accuracy and also confidentiality on competitive examinations and get optimum marks. Here, we are giving " Top 100 Gk Questions and Answers for SSC Exams" that consists of questions on History, Geography, General Science, Sports, Culture etc.

Top Free SSC CGL General Awareness Questions

1.Which country has the largest number of migrants living abroad, as per World Migration Report 2020?

a) Japan

b) Mexico

c) China

d) India

 Ans:- India

2.0xygen and Ozone are:

A. Allotropes

B. Isotopes

C. Isomers

D. Isobars

Ans: A

Explanation: Allotrope is refer to as each of two or more different physical forms in which an element can exist. Graphite, charcoal, and diamond are all allotropes of carbon. Triatomic oxygen (ozone, O3), is a very reactive allotrope of oxygen.

3. What is the correct definition of Fiat Money?

A. Money on the order of apex bank

B. Money on the order of Parliament

C. Money on the order of the government

D. None of the above

Ans: C

Explanation: Fiat money is an inconvertible paper money made legal tender by a government decree.

4. Who among the following headed the committee that has been constituted by the Union government and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to boost cashless transaction?

A. Kelkar Committee

B. Nachiket Mor committee

C. Shanta Kumar committee

D. Neeraj Kumar Gupta committee

Ans: D

Explanation: The Neeraj Kumar Gupta committee has been constituted by the Union government and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to boost cashless transaction. The purpose of the 7-member committee is to increase card acceptance infrastructure and fix interchange fee for credit cards. The taskforce will also work at ways in which cardpayers needn’t pay a surcharge for fuel, utility bills and railway bookings.

5. Which of the following movement was for the restoration of Sikh sovereignty after the annexation of Punjab by the British?

A. Movement of Pagal Panthis

B. Satara Distrubances

C. Kuka Movement

D. Kittur Rising

Ans: C

Explanation: Kuka was a religio-political movement in Punjab.They wanted caste-abolition, permission of intermarriages, widow-remarriages, abstinence from desi liquor, meat and drugs.They also wanted to throw away the British and restore Sikh Sovereignty over Punjab.

6. Which of the following island is famous for boat racing in India?

A. Wellingdon Island

B. Pumban Island

C. Sriharikota Island

D. None of the above

Ans: A

Explanation: Willingdon Islands is the largest artificial island in India, which forms part of the city of Kochi, in the state of Kerala, India. It is famous for boat racing in India.

7. Which is the primary and major source of irrigation in India?

A. Tanks

B. Wells & Tube wells

C. Canals

D. Rain fed

Ans: B

Explanation: Canals, wells and tube-wells, and Tanks. Wells and Tubewells are three major sources of irrigation in India. Canal irrigation has its maximum development in the Great Plains and in the Mahanadi, Godavari, Krishna deltas in the eastern coastal plains. Wells and Tubewells are popular in the alluvial plains.

8. Which of the following type of farming is done with slush and burn method on the jungles of north-eastern part of India?

A. Intensive Farming

B. Plantation Farming

C. Mixed Farming

D. Shifting Farming

Ans: D

Explanation: A large part of North-East India is characterised by shifting farming. It is known as Jhoom in Assam, Onam in Kerala, Podu in Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. The same is known as Bewar in Madhya Pradesh.

9. Which of the following gas is directly respondent for the depletion of ozone layer?

A. Carbon dioxide

B. Carbon monoxide

C. Nitrous oxide

D. Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC)

Ans: D

Explanation: Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are fully halogenated paraffin hydrocarbons that contain only carbon, chlorine, and fluorine, produced as volatile derivative of methane, ethane, and propane. It contribute to ozone depletion in the upper atmosphere, the manufacture of such compounds has been phased out under the Montreal Protocol, and they are being replaced with other products such as hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).

10. Which gases employed for the respiratory activities of sailors (divers)?

A. Oxygen and Nitrogen

B. Oxygen and Helium

C. Oxygen and Argon

D. Oxygen and Neon

Ans:  B

Explanation:  Oxyegen and Helium is used for the respiratory activities of sailers (divers) due to narcotic effects of N2.

SSC CGL Exam: Most repetitive questions from general knowledge

In this article, we have prepared a list of 50 questions, which are the most frequently asked in the previous year paper. All questions are dominated from the general knowledge section. As it has been observed that SSC used to put similar questions repeatedly in the upcoming exams. Therefore, we have decided that SSC aspirants must know about the series of such questions.

Top 100 GK Questions and Answers for SSC Exam

SSC general knowledge:  Previous year Questions that mey be asked in ssc cgl tier- I exam....

1. Which of the following movement was for the restoration of Sikh sovereignty after the annexation of Punjab by the British?

A. Movement of Pagal Panthis

B. Satara Distrubances

C. Kuka Movement

D. Kittur Rising

Ans: C

2. Who built The Taj Mahal?

A. Shahjahan

B. Sher shah

C. Nadir shah0

D. Jahangir

Answer- A

3. The Nalanda University was founded by-

A. Samudra Gupta

B. Chandra Gupta

C. Kumara Gupta

D. Harsh Vardhana

Answer- C

4. Bleaching powder is used in drinking water as a/an-

A. Coagulant

B. Disinfectant

C. Anticeptic

D. Antibiotic

Answer- B

5. The ph of lemon juice is expected to be-

A. Equal to 7

B. nothing can be predicted

C. more than 7

D. less than 7

Answer- D

6. Washing soda is also known as-

A. Sodium caloride

B. Calcium bicarbonate

C. Sodium carbonate

D. Phosphorus

Answer- C

7. Baking soda is also is known as-

A.  Sodium Bicarbonate

B. Calcium Bicarbonate

C. Carbon Monoxide

D. Bromide

Answer- A

8. What is the ratio of RBC to WBC-

A. 1:600

B. 600:1

C. 1:900

D. 500:1

Answer- B

9. Which city is the Silicon valley of India?

A. Mumbai

B. Delhi

C. Hyderabad

D. Bengaluru

Answer- D

10. In which year Delhi became the capital of India?

A. 1911

B. 1912

C. 1910

D. 1905

Answer- A

11. Which disease is caused by the bite of a mad dog?

A. Lukoderma

B. Hydrophobia

C. Hypertension

D. Arthritis

Answer- B

12. Which metal is used for generation of Nuclear Power?

A. Thorium

B. Uranium

C. Water

D. Fossils

Answer- B

13. By whom is the speaker of Lok Sabha elected?

A. All the members of Rajya Sabha

B. All the members of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha

C. People of India

D. All the members of Lok Sabha

Answer- D

14. Which planet is known as the Earth’s twin?

A. Jupiter

B. Mars

C. Venus

D. Saturn

Answer- C

15. Which article is related to the special status of Jammu and Kashmir?

A. 270

B. 300

C. 110

D. 248

Answer- A

16. Which gland is both exocrine and endocrine?

A. Pituitary gland

B. Thyroid gland

C. Pancreas

D. Small intestine

Answer- C

17. Which soil is best suited for cotton?

A. Red soil

B. Regur

C. Alluvial soil

D. Loam

Answer- B

18. Which state has the largest waste land area?


B. Bihar

C. Jammu Kashmir

D. Punjab

Answer- C

19. Colour of the Urine is yellow because of-

A. Urochrome

B. Potassium

C. Endorphin

D. Insulin

Answer- A

20. Who has been called Napoleon of India?

A. Samudragupta

B. Chandragupta

C. Kumargupta

D. Harsha Vardhana

Answer- A

21. Which is the largest river basin in India?

A. Godavari Basin

B. Narmada Basin

C. Yamuna Basin

D. Ganga Basin

Answer- D

22. Which river originates at Amarkantak?

A. Mahanadi

B. Godavari

C. Narmada

D. Krishna

Answer- C

23. Largest fresh water lake of the world is-

A. Lake Superior

B. Lake Michigan

C. Lake Malawi

D. Great Bear Lake

Answer- A

24. Which day is celebrated as Worls Environment Day?

A. 5TH June

B. 8TH June

C. 5TH April

D. 21ST April

Answer- A

25. Which is a land locked sea?

A. Caribbean Sea

B. Aral Sea

C. Red Sea

D. South China Sea

Answer- B

26. Maximum strength of Rajya Sabha-

A. 260

B. 250

C. 210

D. 150

Answer- B

27. Who was the first chairman of Planning Commission?

A. Sardar vallabh bhai Patel

B. Rajender Prasad

C. Jwahar Lal Nehru

D. Moti Lal Nehru

Answer- C

28. Who was the first woman to scale the Mount Everest?

A. Bachhendri Pal

B. Arunima Sinha

C. Premlata Aggarwal

D. Malavath Purna

Answer- A

29. Who appoints the chairman of UPSC?

A. Chief Minister of India

B. President

C. Members of both the houses

D. Election Commissioner of India

Answer- B

30. Who pioneered Khilafat Movement?

A. Sayyed Brothers

B. Mahatama Gandhi

C. Ali Brothers

D. Maulana Azad

Answer- C

31. First general elections were held in which year?

A. 1921

B. 1942

C. 1950

D. 1951

Answer- D

32. Gobar gas contains mainly-

A. Methane

B. Ethane

C. Butane

D. Propane

Answer- A

33. Which gland is responsible for the secretion of Insulin?

A. Pancreas

B. Thyroid

C. Adrenal Gland

D. Pineal Gland

Answer- A

34. In which state was the Panchayati Raj first introduced?

A. Bihar

B. Rajasthan

C. Punjab

D. Haryana

Answer- B

35. Which is the warm ocean current?

A. Labrador current

B. Oyashio current

C. Canary current

D. Gulf Stream

Answer- D

36. Which country is the leading producer of Uranium?

A. Australia

B. Canada


D. Japan

Answer- B

37. Arya Samaj was funded by-

A. Swami Dayanand Saraswati

B. Swami Vivekanand

C. Sachidanand

D. Swami Narayan

Answer- B

38. Which state has smallest land area?

A. Kerala

B. Madhya Pradesh

C. Goa

D. Assam

Answer- C

39. Which Governor General was associated with Doctrine of Lapse?

A. Lord Dalhousie

B. Lord Lytton

C. Lord Hastings

D. Lord Cornwallis

Answer- A

40. Who was the first Woman President of Congress?

A. Annie Besant

B. Sarojini Naidu

C. Usha Mehta

D. Madam Cama

Answer- A

41. Which animal breathes through the skin?

A. Snake

B. Frog

C. Tortoise

D. Dolphin

Answer- B

42. Who is called Father of Economics?

A. Aristotle

B. Einstein

C. Adam Smith

D. Geoffrey Chaucer

Answer- C

43. Which element is the highest conductor of electricity?

A. Gold

B. Copper

C. Steel

D. Silver

Answer- D

44. Who is known as Father of Indian Constitution?

A. B.R Ambedkar

B. Rabindernath Tagore

C. Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel

D. Jawahar Lal Nehru

Answer- A

45.  Which state has the largest coastline in India?

A. Andhra Pradesh

B. Gujrat

C. Tamil Nadu

D. Maharashtra

Answer- B

46. Who written the book “India of my dreams”?

A. Jawahar Lal Nehru

B. Lala Hardyal

C. Mahatma Gandhi

D. Bhagat Singh

Answer- C

47. World’s largest desert-

A. Great Basin Desert

B. Sahara Desert

C. Great Victoria Desert

D. Gobi Desert

Answer- B

48. What is the maximum gap between two sessions of a Parliament?

A. 8 months

B. 5 months

C. 6 months

D. 1 year

Answer- C

49. In which year Bengal was reunited?

A. 1912

B. 1911

C. 1909

D. 1905

Answer- B

50. Who was the first Indian to receive Nobel Prize?

A. Rabinder Nath Tagore

B. C.V Raman

C. Mother Teresa

D. Amartya Sen

Answer- A

Here are the selective Top 100 GK Questions with answers for banks exam and SSC. These top 100 GK question of General Knowledge have been asked in competitive exams and there are chances to ask again in other competitive exams.               

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