Banking Awareness for IBPS: Banking Awareness for IBPS that consists of multiple choice question on Computer, Economics,History, Geography, Indian Constitution, General Science, Sports, Culture, Discovery etc. It strengthen the knowledge of students in fast evolving nature of competitive exams which is moving around three term speed, accuracy and confidentiality.
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Banking Awareness for IBPS

Banking Awareness for IBPS plays important role while preparation of any Banking  Exams (IBPS & SBI) which is on way too fast evolving and moving around three term speed, accuracy and confidentiality. Reading, memorizing and test preparation will help in hitting bull’s eyes. " Banking" Awareness for IBPS"that consists of questions on Computer, Economics, History Geography, General Science, Sports, Culture etc.

Banking Awareness for IBPS: Latest Banking Awareness Questions and Answers  are given below:

The cost that changes in proportion to the goods or services that a business produces is termed as________.
(A) Opportunity cost
(B) Average cost
(C) Variable cost
(D) Marginal cost
Ans .   C

Which of the following is NOT a potential gain from increased market competition?
(A) Improvements in technology
(B) A better variety of products
(C) A faster pace of invention and innovation
(D) Higher price for consume
Ans .   D

 Who among the following was a German philosopher, economist and revolution socialist?
(A) David Ricardo
(B) Karl Marx
(C) Adam Smith
(D) John Maynard Keynes
Ans .   B

The existence of Parallel Economy refers to the existence of ________.
(A) Foreign investment
(B) Call money
(C) Hot money
(D) Block money
Ans .   D

The availability of goods and services in the marketplace at any given point in time is defined as____________.
(A) Production
(B) Demand
(C) Supply
(D) Equilibrium
Ans .   C

 The speaker of the Lok Sabha appoints who among the following?
(A) Leader of Opposition
(B) Prime minister
(C) Two members of the Anglo-Indian community
(D) Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha
Ans .   A

The current President of India is Pranab Mukherjee, who is the ______.
(A) 10th President of India
(B) 12th President of India
(C) 13th President of India
(D) 14th President of India
Ans .   C

 The ‘Provision of States’ incorporated in the Constitution of India was borrowed from the Constitution of________.
(A) UK
(B) US
(C) Japan
(D) Canada
Ans .   B

Who among the following non-members has the right to participate in the proceedings of the Parliament, though not to vote?
(A) RBI Governor
(B) CBI chief
(C) Attorney General
(D) Chief Justice of India
Ans .   C

 Part XV (Article 324-329) of the Indian Constitution deal with which of the following?
(A) Elections
(B) Tribunals
(C) Official Language
(D) Municipalities
Ans .   A

Banking Awareness for IBPS: Latest Free Banking Awareness Questions and Answers:

The Curiosity rover built by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) as a part of Astrobiology mission successfully landed on the planet–

(A) Mars

(B) Saturn

(C) Venus

(D) Mercury
Ans .   A

Which of the following is not an endocrine gland?

(A) Pituitary gland

(B) Pancreas

(C) Pineal gland

(D) None of these 

Which of the following is not correctly matched?

(A) Cyrus Mistry: Tata Group

(B) Sheryl Sandberg: Facebook

(C) Larry Page: Google

(D) Deepak Parekh: HFCL
Ans .   D

Which of the following acts as both exocrine and endocrine gland?

(A) Pancreas

(B) Spleen

(C) Liver

(D) Pituitary gland
Ans .   A

 Which of the following does not produce hormone?

(A) Heart

(B) Kidney

(C) Gastro-intestinal tract

(D) None of these 
Ans .   D

Who among the following Viceroys wrote the book ‘Problems of the East’?

(A) Lord Curzon

(B) Lord Clive

(C) Lord Mayo

(D) Lord Mountbatten

Ans .   A

 Which among the following Philosophical Systems expounds ‘Critical Examination’ or ‘Solution of a problem by reflection’?

(A) Vaishesika

(B) Samkhya

(C) Mimansa

(D) Yoga  
Ans .   C

 Who among the following said about Md. Ali Jinnah that he was an ‘Ambassador of Hindu- Muslim Unity’?

(A) Annie Besant

(B) Sarojini Naidu

(C) B. G. Tilak

(D) None of these 
Ans .   B

 Which among the following is considered as the best rock cut temple in the world?

(A) Brihadeeswara Temple, Tanjavur

(B) Lingaraja Temple, Bhubaneswar

(C) Kailasha Temple, Ellora

(D) Kandariya Temple, Khajuraho 
Ans .   C

Badayuni said that “Sultan got freedom from his masses and masses from the Sultan”. Who among the following kings does he refer to?

(A) Alauddin Khilji

(B) Balban

(C) Iltutmish

(D) Md. Bin Tughlaq 
Ans .   D

Banking Awareness for IBPS:Most Selective Questions are given here......

1. As per the newspaper reports Government of India has finally agreed to purchase advanced MRMRs for its naval forces. What are these MRMRs?  
(A) Aircrafts 
(B) Warships 
(C) Submarines 
(D) Radar Systems 
(E) Rocket Launcher 
Ans .   A

2. Which of the following agencies/organizations decided to cancel 122 Licenses of 2G Spectrum issued by the Government of India to various companies and asked the Government to do the process afresh? 
(A) comptroller and auditor general of India 
(B) supreme court of India 
(C) telecom regulatory authority of India 
(D) confederation of Indian Industry 
(E) reserve bank of India 
Ans .   B

3. Who among the following is the Prime Minister of a country at present and has also won the Presidential Elections held in March 2012? (He had been President of the country twice in the past. This will be his third term as President. He will join office in July 2012), 
(A) Mohammed Waheed Hassan 
(B) Abd. Rabbo Mansour Hadi 
(C) Daniel Ortega 
(D) Vladimir Putin 
(E) None of these 
Ans .   D

4. Which of the following countries approved a new constitution of the country in a referendum through secret voting held in February 2012? 
(A) Libya 
(B) Iraq 
(C) Iran 
(D) UAE 
(E) Syria 
Ans .   E

5. Which of the following countries has signed a 'Non-Aggression Pact' with Sudan? 
(A) Uganda 
(B) Kenya 
(C) Ethiopia 
(D) South Africa 
(E) South Sudan 
Ans .   E

6. General Clients of various banks in India can make a complaint to which of the following offices, on the issues related to deficiency in services which do not get resolved at banks level? 
(A) Comptroller and auditor general of India 
(B) Attorney general of India 
(C) Ombudsman 
(D) Indian Audit Bureau 
(E) Indian Banks Association 
Ans .   C

7. The sensitive index of National Stock Exchange of India is popularly known as.... 
(C) CSE 
(D) MCS 
Ans .   E

8. Which of the following countries decided to add 3000 more centrifuges to its Uranium enrichment programs, despite touch economic sanctions on it from various western countries? 
(A) Syria 
(B) Sudan 
(C) Iran 
(D) Libya 
(E) Egypt 
Ans .   C

9. Who among the following Indians was conferred the prestigious, "National Medal o Arts and Humanities, awarded by US President in February 2012? 
(A) Dr. Montek Singh Ahluwalia 
(B) Ms. Meira Kumar 
(C) Dr. Amartya Sen 
(D) Dr. D Subbarao 
(E) Shri Nr Narayan Murthy 
Ans .   C

10. The proceeds from disinvestment of various public-sector undertaking are channelized into....  
(A) Technology Upgradation Fund. 
(B) Venture Capital Fund 
(C) Rural Innovation Fund  
(D) Portfolio Risk Fund 
(E) National Investment Fund
Ans . E

What is Banking Awareness?

Banking awareness is a part of the general awareness section in the bank exams. It comprises questions related to the history of banks in India, the Banking Institutions, banking terms and the functions and role of the banking industry in the financial system of the country. 

What is the importance of Banking Awareness?

The weightage of the general awareness section is high and the candidate can easily score more in this section with no lengthy calculations and solutions required to answer the banking awareness questions. Scoring more in the General Awareness section increases the overall scores.

Top free Banking Awareness  mcq for IBPS Clerk Exam....

1. World Day for Water is observed on which of the following dates? 
(A) 22 August 
(B) 22 July 
(C) 22 October  
(D) 22 March 
(E) 22 April 
Ans .   D

2. As per new data released recently what was GDP real growth rate? 
(A) 7% 
(B) 8% 
(C) 9%  
(D) 10% 
(E) 15%
Ans .   B

3. Meryl Streep who was awarded one of the Oscar Awards 2012, is a famous. 
(A) Film Director 
(B) Actress 
(C) Songwriter  
(D) Screen play writer 
(E) Costume Designer
Ans .  B

4.Gir National Park is situated in
A. Bihar 
B. Allahabad 
C. West Bengal 
D. Gujarat
Ans .D

5.Madharasas are the schools of
A. Jain 
B. Hindus 
C. Muslims 
D. Christians
Ans .C

6. Shore temple is located at
A. Calicut 
B. Sanapur 
C. Patna 
D. Mahabalipuram
Ans .D

7. The highest peak in South India is
A. Everest 
B. Doddabetta 
C. Nilgiri hills 
D. Anaimudi
Ans .D

8. Red Cross was founded by
A. A.Cursetji 
B. Badel Powell 
C. J.H.Durant 
D. Trygve Lie
Ans .C

9.The gas used to extinguish fire, is  
A.  Carbon Monoxide 
B.  Neon 
C.  Nitrogen 
D.  Carbon Dioxide
Ans .D

10.The largest part of the human brain is  
A.  Cerebellum 
B.  Midbrain 
C.  Cerebrum 
D.  Medulla Oblongata
Ans .C

Banking Awareness for IBPS – List of Topics

Following is the full list of topics from Static Banking Syllabus of Banking Awareness section which have been covered in Banking Awareness 

  • Banking History and all the first in Banking
  • RBI structure and Function
  • Currency Circulation and Management in India- Lending Rate
  • Nationalisation of Banks in India
  • Monetary Policy
  • Types of Bank Accounts in India
  • Financial Inclusions
  • Marginal Cost of Funds based Lending Rate (MCLR)
  • Non-Performing Assets (NPA)
  • Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of
  • Security Interest (SARFAESI) Act
  • Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation (DICGC)
  • Accounts of NRI/PIO
  • Codes used in the Banking Sector
  • Transfer System in India
  • ATM in India
  • Types of Cards
  • Risks in Banking Sector
  • Role of Banking Ombudsman in Banking Sector
  • Basel III Accord
  • Banking Related Schemes
  • Types of Money and Measures of Money Supply
  • Financial Markets in India
  • Negotiable Instruments (NI)
  • Government Securities Market in India
  • Inflation-Indexed Bonds (IIBs)
  • Financial Institutions (FIs) and Financial Regulators in India
  • Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC)
  • Ratings of Banks
  • Foreign Investment in India
  • External Commercial Borrowings (ECB) and Trade Credits
  • Rupee Denominated Bonds
  • Remittances (Money Transfer Service Scheme (MTSS) and Rupee Drawing Arrangement (RDA)

Sample Questions and AnswersBanking Awareness for IBPS 

1. The amount of light entering the eye is regulated by  
A.  Schlera 
B.  Iris 
C.  Pupil 
D.  Ciliary Body
Ans .B

2. The smallest cells in the human body are   
A.  Muscle cells 
B.  Nerve cells 
C.  Blood cells 
D.  Brain Stem cells
Ans .C

3. The number of ribs in Human Body is  
A. 12 
B. 18 
C. 20 
D. 24
Ans .D

4. Which of the following countries has announced to freeze its Nuclear Program so that it can avail food aid from US and other countries? 
(A) North Korea 
(B) South Korea 
(C) Iran  
(D) India 
(E) Pakistan
Ans .   A

5.Which of the following organizations has agreed to give a financial aid of US $ 4.3 billion to India to help it in eliminating poverty?
(A) International Monetary Fund
(B) World Bank 
(C) Bank of Tokyo and HSBC Jointly  
(D) Asian Development Bank 
(E) IMF and ADB Jointly
Ans .   B

6. What is the Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) at present/ 
(A) 20%
(B) 22% 
(C) 25%  
(D) 24% 
(E) None of these
Ans .   D

7. The biggest oil refinery in India is at  
A.  Mathura 
B.  Koyali 
C.  Digboi 
D.  Haldia
Ans .B

8. Which of the following is one of the major functions of National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development? 
(A) Provide loans to State Government for developing rural infrastructures.
(B) Preparing Monetary and Credit Policy of India. 
(C) Deciding Bank Rate  
(D) Providing Credit to Small Industrial Units 
(E) Monitoring and Controlling functions of the stock exchanges in India
Ans .   A

9. India conducted a joint naval coast guard exercise Sahyog-Kaijin-XI with.... 
(A) China
(B) Myanmar 
(C) Thailand  
(D) Japan 
(E) Bangladesh
Ans .   D

10. Which of the following teams won the Africa Cup Football championship final held in February 2012? 
(A) Kenya
(B) Zambia 
(C) South Africa  
(D) Ivory Coast 
(E) Ghana